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Feb 12, 2019 Digital Marketing Jobs
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Information Technology blurs the boundaries and disrupts the existing systems to introduce better solutions at an unimaginable rate. It governs all spheres of human life, ranging from communication to entrainment, and shapes the new world order. The Information Technology evolves continuously and demands new skills to meet the challenges and tap the opportunities. It makes upskilling a dire necessity than an option to be relevant in the industry.

Innovation is the buzz word for the digital revolution era and it changed the conventional notions of management and employment. It created a new breed of entrepreneurs to rule and mercilessly pushed the unimaginative, stubborn dynasties to the bottomless pit of history.

New Titles, Products, Work patterns are introduced and changed the notions of employment and work culture. The conventional idea of growing old with the employer has a very few takers nowadays. Both the company and the workforce are in need of sharpening their skills and tools to sustain in this highly competitive industry.

This unending search for new talents often puts the job seeker at a confusing state. His solid experience of years becomes an obsolete one within weeks and has to start from the basics. New entrants in the technology are yet to prove its viability but one has to spend a huge sum to get trained in it. This is a scary situation and even a small mistake in choosing the path can be fatal to his long-term employability and growth prospects.

A job is not always a career

Jobs are everywhere and everyone is a jobseeker at some stages of life. One can’t be blamed for choosing a job which suites with his skill set.But if he is unable to see a future in the job or for his growth, it is just a source of income to pay the bills. Nobody can guarantee long-term employability. Still, a job which goes well with your aptitude and tastes is more rewarding in a long run.A job is meant to get money, but a career is the one where you put your entire energy, passion and commitment to reach a level.
If you are a gifted artist, working with a design agency would be more enjoyable than working as an accountant.

A career move to web design company simply needs some tweaks in your skill sets, but switching to AI development might be an unpleasant experience. Remember, it is not the Coke bottles he collected for food money, his passion for technology made Steve Jobs world famous.

Here, I am trying to put some ideas to help a job seeker in choosing a career path which suites his tastes and offers consistent employability.

Software Engineer/Developer

Software Engineer or Software Developer involve with the development of computer software to improve the operations of a business or process. It’s one of the hottest and largest IT careers. Due to the wide nature of client requirements, it offers excellent job prospects and upward career growth. The tech’s analytical skills, logical ability to solve issues and his expertise in the development platform are the most essential skills for a developer.

Software development is teamwork. If you are a good communicator, open to criticism and suggestions and can work under pressure to meet deadlines, then you can be an ideal candidate for the Software Developer profile

System Administrators/ Network Engineer/ DevOps

System Administrator is not a flashy job, most of the employees may not aware of your existence until they are bogged down by a network or server issues. System admins ensure smooth functioning of the organization and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information without compromise. The essential skills for a system admin are Critical thinking, decision making, affinity for knowledge and good interpersonal skills.

If you can’t think properly in a stressed environment, this job might not be the best fit for you. But if you are passionate about technology and has a penchant for fixing problems then this is a good career choice.

A wrong command from an admin can make the entire organization standstill. So, most companies prefer candidates with professional certifications with scripting skills.

UI/UX Development

User Interface Design and User Experience Development, gives you a wide range of options to showcase your skills. User Interface design defines the way a product is presented to the user while the user experience developer ensures the flawless execution of the design elements to meet client expectations.

For those who are fascinated by the shades of colour and has the creative elements, User Interface design is a good career. If you love to analyze and improve the usability of a website or software through a proper arrangement of functional areas with a focus on user interactions, then UX development can be a career option.Both profiles require good understanding about client requirements, design trends, creative ideas and the passion to provide a clean, distinct and truly unique user experience to the user.

MobileApp Development

No doubt, mobile phones and mobile application development are here to stay for some more time. MobileApp developer performs the same task as a software developer but for a smaller screen. This core strength of a mobile app developer is his ability to build a creative User Interface with a core emphasis on usability.

Due to the limitations of screen size, the design should be highly responsive and encourage user interactions with minimal effort. Attention to details, clear communication and understanding about the security threats along with excellent coding skills are the most required skills to be a good app developer.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a long-term strategy to introduce a brand and establish it in the digital world using tools such as paid advertisements, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing etc. The marketer should be innovative and possess a clear understanding of the upcoming marketing trends to explore the market potential. Unlike other IT professions, this evergreen profile doesn’t need a technical degree but needs creativity and enthusiasm in abundance.

If you are good at storytelling and has the knack to project things in an impressive way, this could be a great career choice. Your ability to analyze the data, technology awareness and skills to move with the dynamic market trends are the decisive factors in your career as Digital Marketer.

We, at Mindlabs Systems Pvt. Ltd, believe that it’s our people who made us a recognizable name in the Indian IT industry. In return, we help them to improve their skills through proper training and exposure all major areas IT operations such as Web development, E-commerce Solution development, Server Administration, UI/UX development, Technical support, Search engine Optimization, WordPress development and Digital marketing.

The challenging work environment, high peer learning and scope for career enrichment makes Mindlabs one of the most preferred employer for seasoned professionals and for the fresher who is looking for internal ship alike.

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