How to create High Converting Landing Pages that maximize your Lead generation?

Jan 10, 2019 Digital Marketing Jobs
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Landing pages are a great way to pull crowd and collect information about your potential customers. Businesses use a landing page for campaigns and to collect user-data for surveys, polls, to grow the email database etc. It keeps the clutter away from the general users and offers specific information regarding a campaign or why the data is being collected. The landing page often proves to boost conversions if designed tactically. The Landing page Design can become a critical aspect of lead generation if your brand follows the tips we share below. Mindlabs offers brilliant landing pages for your marketing and data collection requirements with compelling designs:

Conduct Market Research – Make it Purposeful

Before you set out with your Landing page development, you must conduct detailed market research to understand what’s most trending and how to make your landing page more attractive to the target audience. Each campaign requires a different set of elements on the page and a different treatment altogether to generate leads and convert them. The current trends are equally important as the design elements because it helps to reach out to a larger group of target audience.

SEO Matters – Make it Search Engine Optimized

Search engine optimization is important because if you want your landing page to be visible online during the searches, you have to make sure that Landing page SEO is well in place. SEO and SMO are critical to ensure better online visibility of your landing page. Better online visibility will ensure better traffic and more conversions. The SEO rank can be augmented by including elements such as Meta Tags, Headings, Bullet Points and Image Alt tags on your landing page. Further, Compelling sales pitches with persuasive copy and Call To Action (CTA) will also increase the rate of conversion.

First Impression Matters – Make it Worth

According to research, a target user will spend hardly 2.6 seconds on a landing page. So, within this short time, you have to make sure that the message is conveyed, the user is influenced and captures the Landing page CTA. Your page will convert when the user decides to follow the message conveyed. This depends on the value proposition offered to the customers on your landing page. It should speak the language of the customer. The value proposition is offered with a smart and short headline, a sub-headline that compliments the headline and a short description complemented by a visual (photo, hero shot, graphics etc). The most effective value proposition should be clear and address the most basic questions that arise in the customer’s mind – what is it all about, who will benefit and how will they benefit. If those questions are answered, you’re on the right path. Compelling page copy with attractive images that complement your pitch will add on to make your landing page more impressive.

Use Images and Videos – Make it Attractive

Owing to the low attention span of the leads, the Landing page design template should have enough graphics and videos to capture the attention of the users who visit and to retain them longer. Infographics that complement the requirement, creatives for campaign promotion and explainer videos attract user attention and hence are considered magnetic in nature. Make sure you include the web-optimized versions of these to retain customers.

User Experience Matters – Make it Great

The user-experience matters significantly when it comes to websites that convert. You can make use of good themes for Landing page WordPress templates relevant to your business. This will help in attracting more potential leads and retaining them for longer on your landing page. Everything on your page influences the user experience or UX. From the page banner, theme or colors used, to the button color chosen for CTA and the captions all influence the user. If your page has navigation menus, make sure that they don’t distract the users. Unwanted pop-ups and flashy gifs may distract the user. User-friendly Forms with minimal input and suggested answers will encourage the users to fill them up from their browser or mobile. Last but not least, test the landing page thoroughly before going Live with it!

Don’t Forget the CTA – Make it Happen

Finally, what matters the most is the CTA or Call To Action. To develop Landing pages that convert, one needs to know the industry well and to contain a strong and compelling CTA. The size, color and placement of the CTA are critical elements that influence conversions. Ideally, the CTA should be placed above the fold to make sure that the users don’t miss it. Moreover, if a person does not mind the action though they don’t have enough time to browse through the entire page, they will notice and perform the action if it is above the fold. Make it visually impactful. Keep the copy short and persuasive, highlight the value proposition and be conversational. Don’t go for premature a CTA without disclosing what you have to offer.

Thank Your Customer – Push Them Down the Funnel!

“Thank you” pages help you to maintain a good relationship with leads after they convert. With thank you pages you will be able to reinforce the notion that their decision to do business with you was right. The Thank You page not only thanks your user for submitting the form but also offers information about the next steps involved or request you to follow on social media. You can even offer them something else (cross-selling) they may find useful that pushes them further down the sales funnel.

With all these, your landing page is ready to go!

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