Hybrid vs Native Mobile App Development, which one is the right choice for your business?

Feb 01, 2019 Digital Marketing Jobs
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Development helps a business grow while marketing decides the area till where it shall spread its branches. The crowd has become so indifferent, yet forward that mobile phones have become a substitute for almost everything. With a combination of both immediate planning and marketing policies, any business can have strong roots in the market. However, the mightiest competition business is facing is regarding smooth digital marketing policies to reach their business to the maximum group. In spite of adopting advanced ways to incorporate mobile apps into their business, they are required to do additional research for the standard Mobile app development. Due to this increasing dependency on smartphones, to create and deploy an app, industries need to cherry-pick the most suitable Mobile app development-Native app or a Hybrid app. To help business in a better understanding of both the mobile app development, Mindlabs, a mobile app development Company Kerala, has come up with crystal clear answers to a few basic questions.

What is hybrid mobile app development and native mobile app development?

Our company Mindlabs systems Kochi explains the description of hybrid and native mobile app development in a much simple way. Native mobile app development is an application, coded and developed with a native programming language and created to be used in single platform or device, like, Windows, Android, Blackberry or iOS. On the other hand, Hybrid mobile app development, similar to any other mobile phone apps, is a combination of both web app as well as a native app and designed to be used on multiple platforms as a single application.

Why is mobile app development implemented in any business?

We, Mobile app development company Cochin, recommend companies to get tuned with a mobile app because business is all about sharing and expanding. When you share your products on demand, customers open their wallets, but not until they are well versed about your business and show trust in your products. You can share only when they care. Once your product or service is communicated through a means that actually matters, only then people will perceive you as a brand. Now, not only consumers but companies also understand better about their consumers and get regular feedbacks and updates through this means which aid them to stay efficient and show outstanding performance.

Which mobile app development shall be fruitful for your business?

Keeping in mind the objective of building the app, budget to develop the app, features required, speedy development, type of customers, area to cover, Mindlabs mobile app development company designs mobile apps for business to acquire the market lead. However, the selection between the Hybrid App vs. Native App is as challenging as it is to decide whether to wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella, during rain. You know both will shield you from the shower but the conveyance you are traveling through, highly affects your decision. Similarly, when you judge between a hybrid mobile app and a native mobile app for your business, you need to consider the following:

  1. Performance: Hybrid apps may result in loss of performance due to the extra layer between a mobile platform and source code, but native apps show smooth execution as coding is done using different programming language, especially made for the separate platform being precise to each operating system. For example, Swift or Objective-C is used to write native iOS apps, Java is used to write native Android apps, and C# for the most part for Windows Phone apps. Facebook ’s mobile app migration from HTML5 to react native is another example for business to decide.
  1. Personalization: Native mobile apps have personalization features according to the different screen sizes available in the market. Some Native App examples include:
  • Pokemon GO
  • Whatsapp
  • TechCrunch
  • Pinterest
  • Tinder
  1. Time: Authentic gems need time to develop and this is why they are extraordinary. Native apps being one of such gems need more time to develop in comparison to the hybrid app as developing and implementing separate designs for each device takes time.
  2. Value of development: With multiple development teams and platforms, the cost for native app development goes high while hybrid mobile app cost occurs just once for all platforms. Gems are lavish.
  3. Maintenance: Native apps need continuous maintenance just like rare diamonds while hybrid apps, being web apps don’t demand much care as their content can be updated as many times as required.
  4. User experience: As we all know that river cannot be crossed sitting in two boats, similar is the case with hybrid apps like Instagram, Untappd, Uber and Evernote. If there is more focus on Android users, iOS users will have unfavorable experiences whereas users with native mobile apps, get friendly experiences and feelings regarding profound effects, scrolling, animations, and others.
  5. Data protection and security: Only native app development has full efficient hardware resources required to protect and secure your data.
  6. Flexibility: Native mobile apps are gifted with everything that technology grants like fast access to inbuilt devices as well as other functions of a smartphone, that too without any restrictions although hybrid apps have limitations to these technological advancements.
  7. Speed: The memory, battery everything has been designed specifically in native apps. These apps are optimized according to Android OS and iOS which makes them overhaul other apps in terms of speed.
  8. Push notification: Developed push notifications are limited to mobile than web. Being an affectionate language to stay coupled with consumers, there is no industry that will ignore the benefits of push notifications. Mobile apps with effective push notification feature are able to keep their consumers re-engaged than those which do not have the facility, ultimately raising their ad revenues and sales. Native mobile apps alert its users instantly and with the help of this feature of Native apps, even hybrid mobile app users are able to get immediate push notification messages.

The above clearly states that Native mobile development app turns out to gain weight over hybrid mobile app due to its astonishing performance as consumers judge only based on their experiences. With a genuine understanding and selecting the right mobile development app, a business can actually gain a remarkable stand in the market. Our Company has openings for mobile app developer jobs so people who wish to have a Mobile App Development career and gain Global exposure, outstanding work environment, fabulous team, flexibility and connectivity, labeled success and secured career boost, can approach the company and add spark to their future. We assume that mobile phones are the future connectors. It is in the knacks of the companies to provide their users with the excellent ways they can get entangled with each other, for a long term alliance.

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