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Jan 10, 2019 Digital Marketing Jobs
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Why do you need a custom web design? Why not use one of the themes available for free? At the most, won’t one of the paid themes be enough?

It is quite natural for the management to think on these lines considering the cost involved in getting a custom website design for the business. But would you like to look like any other brand? How about creating a unique identity, making an impact on your leads and customers? An existing theme, whether paid or free would be equally accessible to any other brand, even your competitor. A customized Web Design can ensure you a Unique Brand identity as well as a strong Online presence in the niche market where your business participates. That’s not all! Here are 5 more reasons you must consider custom website development for your brand:

In-sync with your Brands Logo

Your brand’s identity is established by your Logo. Ideally brands take much time, money and effort to choose a logo that reflects their values and connect better with their potential leads and customers. Businesses that opt for template themes will end up looking like another of those thousands if not lakhs of websites already available and are yet to come up on the World Wide Web. Moreover, it will be almost impossible to find a theme that gels perfectly with the Brand’s logo. Customization ensures that the brand gets a web design that’s in sync with its logo. At Mindlabs, we offer custom web designs that match your brand logo.

Reflects your Brands Values

Even when some brands manage to get a readymade theme that matches their logo, they stand to lose out on showcasing the values that they have to offer. The design can work wonders on the customers’ mind if it can reflect your brand’s core values. When you opt for custom website in WordPress, you will be able to customize the design elements so that it resonates your brand values. For example, the color combinations used to complement the logo colors in the theme can help to showcase your brand’s attitude.

Aligned with your Brands Goals

A customized website will definitely let you align the content and data flow with the brand’s ultimate goals. Whether you want to use your website for sharing information, for communicating with your customers, to attract customers and investors or to showcase the brand’s core values, a customized website will help you achieve these specific results or cumulative results as the case may be. How to build a custom website is a challenging question for all brands and the best solution would be to outsource the same to Mindlabs as we have proven expertise in designing stunning websites.

Addresses your Customers Pain-points

When a customer reaches your website, it is important that the website addresses their pain-points clearly. With readymade designs or an old website, it is less likely to happen. The brand can identify its customer’s common issues quickly and ensure that the solutions are available to them at a quick glance. For example, if your target audiences are elderly people, a website that’s easier to navigate and that requires less input will be more desirable. Custom website design plans will offer design and content that directly addresses your customer’s pain-points such as easy navigation and less input apart from being responsive.

Gives you Better Control and Security

With readymade website plans, customizing, making changes, or controlling the website’s design, content and data become challenging. As your brand grows, you may need to change its layout, outlook and communications drastically. With Custom Website Design Services, you will be able to build websites that can be managed better. Website security and data security are other two major elements to consider. Data, being a critical aspect of businesses, needs to be handled in a secure way which is possible with a customized website that’s developed as per your organization’s security policies.

Offers prompt and excellent support

Brands often require design changes to align better with the changing trends and customer feedback. A ready-made website may not offer much flexibility in terms of technical support and change management. But with a custom website design, your brand can continue to enjoy complete flexibility when it comes to tweaking or changing the design elements to match up the current trends. Mindlabs offers prompt and excellent technical support to ensure that the website continues to perform well by incorporating timely changes as required by the customer with minimal downtime.

Every brand requires a tailor-made website solution to establish and augment its identity, to showcase its values and to address its customer’s pain-points. A custom-made website will also take care of the data security and offer better control over the website. It offers the flexibility which is essential for continuous engagement with customers under rapidly changing market environments.

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