Planning for a Professional Business website? 12 Design Elements to Keep in Mind

Jan 10, 2019 Digital Marketing Jobs
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Business Websites are identities of a particular business in a digitalized way. Every company these days look forward to some excellent website layout. It is common and must require having a good built up and professional website for your business to create a brand image in the market as well increase the value of your business.
Mindlab IT Company is one of the prominent software companies in Kerala who have solutions to all your web and mobile related conjunctions. If you are planning for a professional business website, there is no better place than to push the envelope towards the company for your relief. The 12 design elements that they consider when delivering a professional website are:

1. Better UX that represent your brand:

We all know that branding is all about others perception concerning your company and it is always crucial to understand the general opinion of the people to generate consciousness. Mindlabs solutions have recognized that the only key to branding is UX. Everything from the broken links placed on your website to the colors and designs you use in your logo has been entirely related with UX. Outpacing product and price, consumers nowadays have been directly provisory with user experience (UX) for a lasting relationship. When a user experiences your website, he-she then decides either to go for purchase or just remain a customer. Hence, the company provides a better UX that represents your brand for the ultimate lift.

2. SEO friendly websites:

Websites are significant, but unless they have a good ranking they cannot be considered productive. If you desire your company website to be dynamic and proficient, it is essential that you develop an SEO favorable website. Mindlabs website designing team help to integrate SEO optimizations into your website to upsurge your existence on search engines. They simplify your URLs and provide different one for each page. Due to duplicate content, rankings are often penalized. This error is always omitted by the team which creates unique content. They even manage the answers to the comments which are must for the user experience. Search engines know your website’s structure through the XML sitemap which is created by the team. This helps to determine the pages that are worthy and most important for you to prioritize. And, when there are no pages to crawl, Robot.txt is used, in order to utilize your crawl budget. The overall check helps to ease the bots job and make your website SEO friendly.

3. Quality content:

A blog is the main feature of any website that pictures the whole business in one go. However, it is the quality of the content, which constructs the blog, regarded as the king. In spite of the numerous content generated each minute by individuals, brands, and businesses, they fail to deliver the desired results because they are dead as on arrival. To ensure that quality content is rendered; Mindlabs Company has a team of writers who are experts in their field. They accumulate informative data by researching well on the theme of the content to be created and then plan to hit the cornerstone content through their marketing goals. This generates traffic, rankings, engagements, and conversions. It also serves to get lots of social media engagements and has a remarkable CTR. This evergreen concept gives your website a professional approach.

4. Call to actions for driving sales :

For a professional business website, calls to actions for driving sales is an essential factor that surpasses other elements because it needs to be effective or else no consumers shall be motivated to perform their actions of sales. It needs to be demanding and not requesting customers so that, they have no second opinions about completing their process. Being simple and easy to understand are the key factors on which calls to actions are entirely dependent. Mindlabs digital marketing follows certain growth marketing hacks which help them turn ineffective calls to action, into click and conversion initiators. They convey messages which hype the advantage, the consumers shall get if they perform the action. By using deliberately placed adverbs and influential verbs, they create a sense of urgency for the consumers. To drive sales, they consider contrasting colors and prefer to add it in multiple places and on long pages to make it easily and quickly approachable. They even make sure to give the highest priority to the call to action link than other links if present on the page so that maximum customers can view the link or button.

5. Company address and Hotline number display:

The best way to tell your customers about your company is to display the company address and hotline number on the contact page. If you give the correct details of your company, your customers will definitely show trust in your business. The address and the number to contact should always be updated as they are the most crucial elements of any business website. Mindlabs solutions, while creating a professional website always display the latest details of the business clients so that the customers don’t have issues to contact the business. On the change of the company address or contact details, it should be informed and rectified in the main website.

6. Contact page:

Contact page on a website is more relevant than the significance it is usually given by the customers. Despite the fact it is the most visited page in any business website, customers just pen down some number and address on a blank page for the people to contact them. If you look forward to making your standard website a professional website, it is required to make the page more prominent. Mindlabs Company helps to build the contact page with natural phrasing and adding the link in general places, which makes the page easily noticeable. They favor making it more human i.e with names and business maps to find the exact location, as people these days try to contact the business with faces. The best thing they add to the contact page is the immediate response of the time the business is to get in touch with the customers on contacting so that the customers do not need to keep waiting.

7. Mobile Responsive:

Smartphone usage has brought significant changes in website traffic since the past years. This has also changed people’s perspective of a website working on a mobile phone. Website designs needed change and adaption of more responsive and fluid design format. For this, the company now designs business websites with software which makes it mobile responsive. This helps to adjust the screen and view the website on different devices perfectly, with the content entered only once. Even the people with old website designs don’t need to worry as minor changes to design elements can make their websites professional and mobile responsive.

8. Cross-browser compatibility:

Being compatible in multiple browsers in spite of the version is what makes a website great and professional. Cross-browser compatibility is very important as acknowledged by the Mindlabs IT companies in Kakkanad, to get a smooth and seamless user experience by the target audience, across all browsers, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. They make sure to add DOCTYPE in the HTML file of the website to identify the language in which your website’s code is written. They also apply CSS reset to command every browser to remove styling to default CSS, as several browsers work differently. To solve the problem of style sheet which causes trouble in cross-browser compatibility, they link to different style sheets for every single browser by using conditional comments. For the final compatibility, they use cross-browser friendly frameworks and libraries and then verify your website to point out the errors and changes, so that there is no violation of the code.

9. Blog for more online visibility:

For a professional business website, it is important that your company’s production line is visible online with a few strategic and well-planned clicks, to get a wide range of potential consumers. A blog is considered as an essential marketing tool as it showcases your proficiency and provides worth to your target audience. The company makes sure your blog as often as possible for more online visibility. By creating a lead magnet, promoting and engaging the blog in social media, partnering with other bloggers and experts of the same niche, and offering valuable content, Mindlabs solutions help to weave a successful professional website for businesses.

10. No copyright images on the website:

Since, Mindlabs are the best software companies in Kochi, considering their reputation; they make sure that no copyright images have been used in the website. Must be wondering how copyright images affect the professionalism of a business website? Well not only will it pull back your website from rankings, but it may also cost you tons. Using such images can push your business towards unwanted major legal risks. As easy it is to find images on google, easier it has become to use them on your business website. But, acknowledging the detriments of using copyrighted images, the company encourages its customers to use fresh photos that shall not only attract the consumers but also support to build a trademark for the website.

11. Best Navigation and Breadcrumbs:

No doubt why navigations and breadcrumbs are considered crucial for developing a professional business website. Probably because they have a parental feeling of guiding users to their location as well as showing them ways how they got there. Not only this, they even support users to find higher-level pages quicker and faster if users have dropped into your page from a deep link or search. Mindlab IT companies provide the best navigation and breadcrumbs to make your site professional and easy to navigate. They build it in such a way that the main navigation becomes clear and large while the breadcrumb navigation being secondary gets a smaller section, to avoid confusion among the navigation tools. Developing a creative design that is clean and uncluttered, the tools become an aid for the users. By recognizing the true target audience of the business, the company plans the type and position of the navigation and breadcrumbs and provide immense satisfaction.

12. Proper testing before Go Live:

The last check before the launch of a professional website totally depends on the tests that need to be taken after the website has been completed. To examine a website before inaugurating it, Mindlabs Systems have a dominant team with eagle eyes. They go through the Spelling, grammar, and punctuation not only in the content but also throughout the forms, buttons, and navigations. They carefully monitor the individual optimizations of the images, i.e. their size, labeling, titles, etc. Even the connections and the forms are thoroughly approved by the editors and writers before getting the website live. Site speed, mobile friendliness, compatibility, navigation, and fonts are the other areas that are certified by the web design team. The web developers check the live URLs, minify, 404 pages, Google search console, and favicon for the concluding touch-up. The Meta Data, XML sitemaps, Analytics, structured markup, SERP display, PPC setup, 301 directs, and accelerated mobile pages have the final remarks by the SEO team. Whereas the network administrator checks the certificate obtained by the provider for the security and privacy of the visitors as well as backup systems, traffic loads, and monitoring before the beginning of your website.

Mindlabs IT companies in Kerala have successfully delivered many websites which have achieved great heights, through the methods and expertise they use. Humanizing operative and reliable information technology solutions to the clients, they have set a standard benchmark for all other companies. They have embraced quality faculty members in the company to bring clearance in the delivery of the projects. With the belief that technology is all about shaping the future, they have stepped forward to contribute to the surroundings of the world. By working together as a concretely experienced team with domain knowledge of, Usability Engineering, Server Side Management, Coding, Software Development, Branding, Quality analysis, Programming, Information Architecture, Business Strategy, and Interaction Designing, the company has earned a remarkable position in the field.

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